Specialized HVAC CAD Software with or without an AutoCAD License
Made By Construction Professionals for Construction Professionals

Design, Estimate and Fabricate all with Benchmark Enterprise Software and Benchmark CAD. Benchmark is the collaborative HVAC CAD solution that takes your projects from conception to completion.

Starting in 2016, Benchmark is proud to offer a CAD alternative to those without an AutoCAD subscription with Benchmark CAD. This software offers the full 2D and 3D design experience that you expect form an industry standard CAD solutiona nd works seamlessly with Benchmark's existing AutoCAD plug-ins

Using Benchmark CAD or AutoCAD, Benchmark's plug-ins offer a wide feature set benefits everyone in your workplace; from estimating in the office to commissioning in the field. Originally developed by the Sheet Metal Workers Union International Training Institute, Benchmark Enterprise Software was made by construction professionals for construction professionals.

Begin every Design and Estimate using built-in SMACNA construction standards. Speed up the design process by tracing PDFs using Benchmark's Routed Sytems with a powerful and customizable parts library that gives you the right part with the right connections. Near or far apart, your entire workforce will be able to use a shared database with seamless company-wide access and online synchronization. When the drawings are done, nest the same Benchmark files for quicker fabrication without the need for double entry. Designed to make your HVAC business collaborate like never before, Benchmark Enterprise Software is the full HVAC CAD solution.

Benchmark CAD – A CAD software package for 2D and 3D design.
Start Designing Today without an AutoCAD License

Project Managers – Simplify communication and gain teal-time updates on projects.
Efficiently Manage Projects

Estimators – Create custom estimations using Benchmark’s exclusive routed-systems take-off and line item pricing.
Accurately Predict Material and Labor Costs

Detailers – Use Benchmark’s extensive parts library and built-in construction standards to save valuable time
Software that Thinks Like You

BIM Coordinators – Detail with full collision detection with absolute and relative elevations. Output hanger points to total station.
Get it Right the First Time

Fabricators – Nest directly from Benchmark Drafted Drawings, saving the labor of double entry. Fabricate with or without a CAD environment and print barcode labels to track progress.
Reduce Setup, Maximize Materials, Track Progress

For Project Managers
For Engineers & Detailers
For BIM Coordinators
For Shop Fabricators
Project Management
BIM Coordination

Fitting Input

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