Reduce Setup, Maximize Production
Nest Directly From Benchmark Drafted Drawings - Fabricate With or Without a CAD Environment and Print Barcode Tracking Labels

Fabrication is the lifeblood of any HVAC business building concepts into products. In a high output shop there is always room for improving workflow and Benchmark’s Fabrication was built by construction professionals to improve yours! Save the labor associated with manual double entry of CAD drawings. Duct fabrication can be done by nesting the same detailed Benchmark model from your estimator and taken straight to your machinery. Pair that with powerful Batch Management and Machine Code generation and a single seat of Benchmark Fabrication will forever change the way your shop operates.

For shops without a CAD environment, Benchmark provides a Fitting Input solution that allows for fabricated pieces without a CAD environment. This powerful tool can fabricate custom pieces by entering them into a simple user interface and send them directly out to your machinery.

Fabricators also gain access to Benchmark’s Track module, which allows for QR or Barcode label generation for duct pieces. Scanning these will provide real-time updates to the BIM Viewer and allow Project Mangers a new level of communication with the shop and field.

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